6 Essential Business Surviving Skills


6 Essential Business Surviving Skills

Most businesses fail, because they lack the essential  needed skills for a business to survive. Here are the 6 essential business surviving skills you need to have to stand out from other businesses.


Financial Management: This is a critical skill an entrepreneur need to have. Having this skills,will enable you forecast your cash flow, sales, and manage your income or budget. When you lack this skill, you might run out of loss and lack accountability competence. This skill is also necessary to prevent and protect your business from collapsing.

Delegation : Delegation is the process of assigning roles to other people. As an entrepreneur, when you delegate work, your businesses will run effectively well, especially when you delegate the  appropriate roles to the right person.

Time Management Skills : Without having time management skill, you won’t have the ability to manage your time appropriately and meet up with the set deadlines. Time management is a skill an entrepreneur must have , for their business to be productive. 

Leadership Skill: This skill is very essential for a business to survive. Without  this skill, you will lack the ability to direct, control, manage and motivate people to achieve a certain goal. Acquiring this skill will help you train and coach people on how to be successful in a business.

Marketing:  Marketing is an important skill to have in a business, but most entrepreneurs lack the skills to persuade and convince customers about a certain product. Lacking this skill prevent you from selling your product to your potential client or customer. If you don’t possess this skill, endeavor to learn it, so as to generate sales.

Communication: This skill is very paramount in a business. As an entrepreneur, you should have a good written, oral and communication skill to communicate effectively with your customers. Also these skills will enhance a good networking relation with your customers. 

By Bisola Aderibigbe

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